Watercolour, ink and graphite

One thing I’ve taken to lately is making ink drawings and then using watercolour paint to colour them. It’s been pretty neat to experiment with – this is the first time I’ve attempted to colour my line art and not feel like I was diminishing it in the process. Though it does, however, mean there are two stages where I can permanently make a mistake.

Of course I drew Princess Eisha.

Just a random dragon dude in a canoe.

The sketch that inspired the above drawing; I include it because I think the figure here has a little more shapeliness and rhythm to it than the second attempt.

Miguel rocking out. This one’s really messy, and I’m not even sure if I’d consider red and yellow to be his canonical colours. I should get around to finishing the next page of his comic.

Unrelated, but here’s a sketch of yours truly to wrap things up.



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