A Princess of Arcturus Secundus

…is the working title I’ve decided on for my science fantasy comic. It’s not as original as I would like, but it gives a good hint of what to expect: a space opera/planetary romance that broadly falls into the tradition inaugurated by Edgar Rice Burroughs about a century ago.

That only describes one side of things, however: a not inconsiderable amount of my inspiration came from my reading of Ludovico Ariosto’s 16th century epic, Orlando Furioso, as well as a smattering of shonen anime (among other things).

It’s still early going, but at the least I wouldn’t mind sharing some character sketches.

Eisha is my comic’s titular princess. The humans of Arcturus Secundus often refer to her race as fairies or elves, though the more proper word is L’taa. The early story finds her helping the humans in their war against [REDACTED], though exactly why a third party (and royalty no less!) is mucking around in this conflict remains to be seen.

In true space princess tradition she seems to be wearing a rather accessorized bikini, though in general the L’taa don’t wear much due to their scaly hides.

A couple more sketches in different outfits:


If Eisha is the hero of the story, Jonathan is her anti-hero counterpart. More than that: he’s the one major character from our own world, who winds up in the Arcturus Secundus system due to [REDACTED]. He’s a hapless, poor man’s JoJo stuck in the wrong story. Was a ballet dancer at some point in the past.

At one point Jonathan was a frickin’ horse, and I even had a very humiliating/horrifying explanation for this (imagine The Fly, but with your pet horsie). Even if I’m no longer going that route, something about that equine head really brings out his smugness for me.

Kairos is Eisha’s retainer/friend. Lithe, agile, good with a bow and pretty brainy. L’taa females get the hair while the males get the spines. I actually think his portrait here is the best ink drawing I’ve made yet.

That’s about all for now. I’ll likely introduce more characters in the near future.


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